When Arizona first set up its competitive energy solicitation process, Accion Group provided sophisticated guidance and helped create a fair and transparent system that continues to be used. Their broad experience representing both utilities and regulators provided a balanced understanding of the needs of all interested parties.
- Christopher Kempley, former Chief Counsel, Arizona Corporation Commission


Since Accion Group was founded in 2001, our firm has been involved in high-profile consulting engagements across the United States. Whether our consultants are working with the Nuclear Decommissioning Finance Committee in New Hampshire or overseeing the Feed-In Tariff program for renewable energy on Hawaii's islands, Accion Group's coast to coast experience spans a range of industries and specializations. Our consultants bring an average of twenty-five years of individual experience to our firm.

With considerable background in economics, engineering, utility operations, power project development, regulatory policy, computer modeling, and communications, Accion Group is comprised of accomplished professionals, many of whom have held senior management positions in major corporations. As such, our firm has been called upon to assist utilities and regulatory commissions in areas as different as audit and operations review to construction monitoring, competitive procurement, and nuclear decommissioning.