Harry and the Accion consultants took very complex material and readily digested it for us to make the important decisions required by law. They were diligent in covering specific details and in-depth explanations of both material and the underlying rationale, as well as history of the subject matter. They are always thorough and pay close attention to detail.
- Senator Cilley, former Member, N.H. Nuclear Decommissioning Committee

Nuclear Decommissioning

Harry Judd leads a delegation of state officials to inspect inside containment at the Seabrook nuclear power station.
Accion Group's talented consultants have assisted nuclear station owners and regulators in all areas of decommissioning planning, including both funding decisions and the actual decommissioning of retired plants. Due to our team's extensive involvement in a variety of decommissioning engagements, including those with the New Hampshire Nuclear Decommissioning Finance Committee and Seabrook Nuclear Power Station, Accion Group has wide-ranging experience in designing decommissioning plans and decommissioning funding programs.

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Accion's Previous Nuclear Decommissioning Work

As consultants to the nuclear decommissioning industry, our experts have executed the following tasks as part of our consulting engagements:

  • Directed review of decommissioning planning and funding for nuclear stations
  • Designed and implemented the most comprehensive state oversight of decommissioning funding in the nation
  • Prepared funding plans for prompt decommissioning and timely site restoration
  • Designed funding plans to implement changes in spent fuel disposal costs
  • Designed funding assurance requirements to protect ratepayers from excessive decommissioning costs
  • Designed funding plans to be applied to merchant ownership by multiple nuclear station owners

Accion's Nuclear Decommissioning Engagements

Accion Group has been involved in nuclear decommissioning consulting engagements across the nation, including in New England, New Jersey, Georgia, and Arizona. We provide full staffing to the New Hampshire Nuclear Decommissioning Finance Committee (NDFC), which is charged with overseeing the planning, scope, and funding of decommissioning the Seabrook Nuclear Power Station. As consultants to the NDFC, our team provides full legal services, from drafting the controlling legislation through to the annual determination of funding contributions.

Accion Group is also currently advising Georgia regulators on the construction of two additional nuclear units at the Vogtle Nuclear Station; our review has included decommissioning planning, cost projections, sufficiency of existing decommissioning trust balances, and review of ISFSI planning. Previously, Accion Group advised Arizona regulators on the decommissioning costs of the Palo Verde Nuclear Power Station, and worked with New Jersey regulators regarding the acquisition of three nuclear units by Exelon.

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