When Arizona first set up its competitive energy solicitation process, Accion Group provided sophisticated guidance and helped create a fair and transparent system that continues to be used. Their broad experience representing both utilities and regulators provided a balanced understanding of the needs of all interested parties.
- Christopher Kempley, former Chief Counsel, Arizona Corporation Commission

Transmission and Distribution

With an average of thirty years of individual experience constructing and operating transmission and distribution systems in the United States and overseas, Accion Group's transmission and distribution professionals are well-versed in siting matters, interconnection requirements and responsibilities, bulk power system planning, and transmission system design, and are also experienced in investigations of safety and reliability, implementation of public policy in the electric and gas industries, and in investigations of unit outage and system outage causes.
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Accion's Previous Transmission and Distribution Work

Accion's transmission and distribution specialists have served as technical advisor to the Maine Public Utilities Commission, the Vermont Public Service Board, the Kentucky Public Service Commission, and the District of Columbia Public Service commission regarding the public necessity replicas de relojes rolex and convenience of a multitude of 345 kV, 230 kV, 161 kV, 138 kV, 115 kV, and 69 kV facilities, which required an in-depth understanding of both the generation and transmission planning components of system design.

Furthermore, Accion Group's consultants have led the evaluation of transmission and distribution planning, design, vegetation management, and construction in the examination of three Ameren electric utilities for the Illinois Commerce Commission, investigated the November 2004 major transmission line failures and subsequent restoration efforts in Nova Scotia, and investigated Commonwealth Edison's transmission system integrity after the August 2003 blackout. One of our consultants also served as the lead investigator into prudence reviews for unit outages, and investigated causes of unit outages at the Public Service Company of New Hampshire for the New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission, Duke Energy for the Ohio Public Utilities Commission, and the Arizona Public Service Company for the Arizona Commerce Commission.

What Accion Offers

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As experts in power system studies and planning, interconnection analysis, vegetation management, and investigations of safety, reliability, and independent and integrated operations of communications and electric utilities, Accion Group's consultants offer the following services related to transmission and distribution:

  • Comprehensive transmission and gas line siting reviews
  • Focused transmission and distribution management and operational audits
  • Review and analysis of issues relating to costs and planning assumptions and determinations
  • Generator outage prudence reviews
  • Reliability assessments and system reliability analyses
  • Energy load management
  • Generation and transmission integration, generating planning, and generating plant siting
  • Synergy evaluations
  • Transmission construction management and transmission system planning