Harry and the Accion consultants took very complex material and readily digested it for us to make the important decisions required by law. They were diligent in covering specific details and in-depth explanations of both material and the underlying rationale, as well as history of the subject matter. They are always thorough and pay close attention to detail.
- Senator Cilley, former Member, N.H. Nuclear Decommissioning Committee

Our Consultants

Harold T. Judd, President
With more than thirty years of diverse experience in regulated industries and emerging markets, Mr. Judd leads Accion Group's engagements across the country and specializes in advising regulators and utilities on strategies for the post-deregulation era of electric utilities. Read more... Harris Burpee, Vice President - Accion Power
With more than twenty years of information technology and web development experience, Mr. Burpee provides Accion Group's clients with sophisticated and secure websites. Read more... Marcus Jackson, Senior Consultant
As a Senior Consultant at Accion Group, Mr. Jackson is an experienced Chairman of the Board, CEO, President, COO, and CFO with electric and gas public utilities. Read more... Alan Kessler, Senior Consultant
Having worked as a consultant to the utility industry for over thirty years, Mr. Kessler brings considerable knowledge of planning and operations analysis, financial and operational issues in restructuring energy markets, and fuels management to Accion Group. Read more... Michael D. Cannata, Jr., Senior Consultant
As the former Chief Engineer of the N.H. Public Utilities Commission, Mr. Cannata supports Accion Group with his expert knowledge of power system studies, and planning and interconnection analysis. Read more... Sheri Vincent-Crisp, Consultant
Having joined Accion Group in 2006, Sheri Vincent-Crisp brings five years of experience in the energy industry to our firm's consulting engagements. Read more... John B. Hart, Consultant
With more than thirty years of experience in the power supply industry, Mr. Hart has held senior positions in energy and environmental management, as well as in governmental affairs. Read more... Philip B. Layfield, Senior Consultant
Mr. Layfield has more than thirty years of experience in electric transmission and distribution experience, and domestic and international transmission design and maintenance. Read more... Nick Wintermantel, Consultant
Mr. Wintermantel provides Accion Group with extensive expertise in its evaluation of power and capacity procurements for consulting engagements across the country. Read more... Kevin Carden, Consultant
Mr. Carden's impressive background in computer modeling and software design for risk analysis and reliability planning for power supply options provides Accion Group with the technical background necessary to execute complex consulting engagements. Read more...