When Arizona first set up its competitive energy solicitation process, Accion Group provided sophisticated guidance and helped create a fair and transparent system that continues to be used. Their broad experience representing both utilities and regulators provided a balanced understanding of the needs of all interested parties.
- Christopher Kempley, former Chief Counsel, Arizona Corporation Commission

Sheri Vincent-Crisp, Consultant

Having joined Accion Group in 2006, Sheri Vincent-Crisp brings five years of experience in the energy industry to our firm's consulting engagements. Specializing in the design and maintenance of Accion Group's competitive procurement websites for clients such as the Georgia Public Service Commission and Portland General Electric, Ms. Vincent-Crisp is critical to Accion Group's competitive energy solicitation process management. As a consultant, Ms. Vincent-Crisp functions as a project manager for Accion's role in wholesale energy procurements, and also offers our clients in-depth tutorials of Accion's RFP website functions, ensuring clarity and ease of use during the procurement process. Based in Accion Group's New Hampshire office, Ms. Vincent-Crisp's current and previous clients include the Arizona Corporation Commission, Gulf Power Company, Hawaiian Electric Company, the New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission, PacifiCorp, and Tucson Electric Power. As a graphic designer and artist at heart, Ms. Vincent-Crisp also supplies Accion Group with its "creative vision".

Prior to joining Accion Group, Ms. Vincent-Crisp served on the Development Committee and Executive Board of Concord, New Hampshire's non-profit "Friends Program", which seeks to strengthen communities by building relationships and encouraging community service. During her tenure at the Friends Program, the organization received several awards and recognition, including the New Hampshire Business of the Year Award for Excellence in Non-Profit Management, and New Hampshire Business Review's Business Excellence Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Non-Profit Sector. While working for the Friends Program, Ms. Vincent-Crisp chaired the organization's largest fundraising event numerous times, bringing them from earning $8,000 at the event to $124,000. Ms. Vincent-Crisp also taught art at the Montessori School in Hopkinton, NH from 1999 to 2009.

Outside of her work at Accion, Ms. Vincent-Crisp engages in freelance graphic design, and paints in several mediums, including watercolor and murals. Her work can be seen on the walls of the Concord Public Library. Ms. Vincent-Crisp holds a BFA from the University of New Hampshire.
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