When Arizona first set up its competitive energy solicitation process, Accion Group provided sophisticated guidance and helped create a fair and transparent system that continues to be used. Their broad experience representing both utilities and regulators provided a balanced understanding of the needs of all interested parties.
- Christopher Kempley, former Chief Counsel, Arizona Corporation Commission

Recent Publications

Accion Publishes Article in Natural Gas & Electricity Magazine's February 2012 Issue

Accion recently published an article in Natural Gas & Electricity magazine's February issue. The Accion article drew upon current and past RFP experience to examine intricacies of the competitive solicitation process when procuring electricity from renewable projects. The article entitled Hidden Challenges and Increasing Rewards of Renewable Procurement highlights several issues specific to renewable energy, such as the growth of small developers and the large diversity of renewable technologies. Furthermore, the article discusses the Independent Evaluator's role in the RFP process, current renewable energy trends, and issues relating to transmission and distribution.

To view the article, please click the Accion Article Publication.

Accion Group's RFP Procurement Website Overview

Accion Group offers the most sophisticated procurement website available to commissions and utilities. Our procurement website capabilities allow for comprehensive management of the bidding process while providing complete security for confidential documents and anonymity for bidders. The procurement website facilitates exchanges with interested parties before the bid date, manages bidder conference presentations, and handles bids and post-bid exchanges. In addition to managing the bidding process, the website serves as a permanent record of the solicitation for use by the utility and for review by regulators.

Download a PDF with more information about Accion Group's Website Capabilities.

Accion Group's Final Report of the Independent Evaluator for Arizona Public Service Company's 2010 Request for Proposal for Renewable Energy Small Generation Resources

On December 6, 2010, Accion Group issued the Final Report of the Independent Evaluator for Arizona Public Service Company's ("APS") 2010 Request for Proposal for Renewable Energy Small Generation Resources. Our report concluded that APS met the protocols established by the Commission for the conduct of competitive solicitations, and that the process and protocols employed by APS were consistent with other RFPs in Arizona where Accion served as IE, and were of a quality that would have been acceptable in all other jurisdictions where Accion monitors competitive power supply solicitations. Additionally, Accion's final report deemed the resources selected to be consistent with the goals of encouraging renewable resource development to serve customers in Arizona.

To read Accion's full report, please download the APS Final Report of the Independent Evaluator here.