What Our Clients Say

We are proud of our work, and stand behind our accomplishments. If you would like to share your experience working with Accion Group, please email us.

“Harry and the Accion consultants took very complex material and readily digested it for us to make the important decisions required by law. They were diligent in covering specific details and in-depth explanations of both material and the underlying rationale, as well as history of the subject matter. They are always thorough and pay close attention to detail.”
- Senator Cilley, former Member, N.H. Nuclear Decommissioning Committee

“We have used Accion Group as our Independent Evaluator since 2003. In each RFP, Accion professionals have provided us with thorough and detailed reviews that were efficient and reasonably priced, while also avoiding "micro-managing" our process.”
- Carmine A. Tilghman, Director - Renewable Energy Resources, UniSource Energy

“When Arizona first set up its competitive energy solicitation process, Accion Group provided sophisticated guidance and helped create a fair and transparent system that continues to be used. Their broad experience representing both utilities and regulators provided a balanced understanding of the needs of all interested parties.”
- Christopher Kempley, former Chief Counsel, Arizona Corporation Commission