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Harold T. Judd, President

With more than thirty years of diverse experience in regulated industries and emerging markets, Mr. Judd leads Accion Group's engagements across the country and specializes in advising regulators and utilities on strategies for the electric utility post-deregulation era. As President and co-founder of Accion Group, Mr. Judd's background as a consumer advocate, federal prosecutor, state's counsel, and counsel for utilities and energy markets allows him to contribute thorough knowledge and seasoned leadership during Accion Group's energy consulting engagements.

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Harris Burpee, Vice President

With more than twenty years of information technology and web development experience, Mr. Burpee provides Accion Group's clients with sophisticated and secure websites to manage their competitive solicitation processes, and reviews electronic protocols for information exchange and RFP bidding. Mr. Burpee designed and maintains the websites currently used by Accion Group and our clients for competitive solicitations

Marcus Jackson, Senior Consultant

As a Senior Consultant at Accion Group, Marcus Jackson is an experienced Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer, President, Chief Operating Officer, and Chief Financial Officer with electric and gas public utilities. As a consultant, Mr. Jackson has provided clients with practical insights into corporate governance, utility finance, administration, operations, and regulatory affairs. Mr. Jackson is a past President and CEO of SEMCO Energy, Inc.

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Alan Kessler, Senior Consultant

Having worked as a consultant to the utility industry for over thirty years, Mr. Kessler brings considerable knowledge of planning and operations analysis, financial and operational issues in restructuring energy markets, and fuels management to Accion Group as a Senior Consultant. Prior to joining Accion Group, Mr. Kessler held management positions at two major U.S. public utilities and a state public utilities commission. Mr. Kessler also led the firm Deloitte Consulting and Ernst & Young, in its utility restructuring and reorganization practices.

Sheri Vincent-Crisp, Consultant

Having joined Accion Group in 2006, Sheri Vincent-Crisp brings five years of experience in the energy industry to our firm's consulting engagements. Specializing in the design and maintenance of Accion Group's competitive procurement websites for clients such as the Georgia Public Service Commission and Portland General Electric, Ms. Vincent-Crisp is critical to Accion Group's competitive energy solicitation process management, and supplies Accion Group with its "creative vision".

John B. Hart, Consultant

With more than thirty years of experience in the power supply industry, Mr. Hart has held senior positions in energy and environmental management, as well as in governmental affairs. He brings to Accion Group a comprehensive understanding of strategic and regulatory issues faced by utilities, as well as the technical and operational aspects of power plants.As a consultant, Mr. Hart has provided a wide range of services to the nuclear industry on issues covering the entire fuel cycle from enrichment to operation to decommissioning. 

Philip B. Layfield, Senior Consultant

Mr. Layfield is an independent consultant to the energy industry with more than thirty years of experience in electric transmission and distribution experience. In addition Mr. Layfield has significant experience with domestic and international transmission design and maintenance, which is used to assist Accion Group in reviewing and analyzing issues relating to transmission and distribution operations, impact assessments, costs and planning assumptions, and determinations. 

Nick Wintermantel, Consultant

With almost fifteen years of experience in regulated utility planning and electric market modeling, Mr. Wintermantel provides Accion Group with extensive expertise in its evaluation of power and capacity procurements for consulting engagements across the country. His broad-based utility planning background includes Integrated Resource Planning, RFP evaluations, environmental compliance analysis, asset management, financial risk analysis, reliability planning, and contract structuring. Mr. Wintermantel also has extensive knowledge in electric market models and evaluation methodologies used for resource planning and reliability planning.

Kevin Carden, Consultant

With an impressive background in computer modeling and software design for risk analysis and reliability planning for power supply options, coupled with nine years of diverse utility management experience, Kevin Carden provides Accion Group's team with the technical background needed to successfully execute evaluations, procurements, administration of long-term power purchase contracts, and utility planning and management. As a Consultant at Accion Group, Mr. Carden is responsible for assessing and planning to meet reliability requirements, executing demand-side options pricing and evaluation, and overseeing bid preparation for power purchase RFPs.

George Wiltsee, Consultant

With over forty years of experience, Mr. Wiltsee is a renewable energy expert and procurement manager who has assisted employers and clients in the private and public energy sectors to reduce costs and adopt cleaner energy systems.  Most recently, Mr. Wiltsee has supported community choice energy (CCE) organizations and project developers in contracting for utility-scale renewable energy projects.

Ralph Monsalvatge, Senior Consultant

Mr. Monsalvatge has thirty five years of experience in the electric utility industry, which includes more than 20 years in various areas of generation planning and integrated resource planning.  In addition, Mr. Monsalvatge worked as a Transmission Planning Engineer for 10 years.  As a resource planner, Mr. Monsalvatge developed generation expansion plans, evaluated near term generation options, and evaluated generation and system power proposals received during formal RFP’s.

Garey Rozier, Senior Consultant

Mr. Rozier has forty-five years of electric utility experience within the Southern Company system.  Mr. Rozier’s extensive career included significant responsibility in general management positions in Transmission Planning, Generation Planning, Resource Planning and Policy, Bulk Power Marketing, Joint Ownership, Power Procurement, and Generating Plant sales and purchases.  Additionally, he has managed numerous RFPs to secure capacity and energy from traditional central station power plants as well as renewables and system power.

Dave Ball, Senior Consultant

In his role as a Senior Consultant for Accion Group, Mr. Ball is an evaluation team member reviewing market participants’ proposals for Tranche 1 of the Duke Energy Competitive Procurement of Renewable Energy Program.  Mr. Ball is primarily focused on evaluating the pricing proposals and overseeing Accion’s economic evaluation modeling effort incorporating bidders’ hourly production load profiles and Duke Energy’s hourly marginal generation costs.


Usha T. Shrestha, Analyst