George Wiltsee, Consultant

With over forty years of experience, Mr. Wiltsee is a renewable energy expert and procurement manager who has assisted employers and clients in the private and public energy sectors to reduce costs and adopt cleaner energy systems.  Most recently, Mr. Wiltsee has supported community choice energy (CCE) organizations and project developers in contracting for utility-scale renewable energy projects.  As Director of Power Resources at Peninsula Clean Energy in California, Mr. Wiltsee worked with the Accion procurement platform and created a 551 MW portfolio of agreements for solar, wind and small hydroelectric resources with capacities ranging from 2 to 200 MW.  At Southern California Edison for nine years, Mr. Wiltsee managed numerous renewable energy procurements and programs using the Accion platform and delivered hundreds of contracts for over 1,500 MW of renewable energy.  His close collaboration with Accion in this capacity stimulated many refinements and enhancements in the online platform’s capabilities and ease of use.

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Earlier in his career, Mr. Wiltsee developed rooftop solar projects for commercial, industrial, and residential sectors in a startup venture for a major California roofing company; developed renewable bioenergy microturbine projects for two startup ventures generating combined heat and power at landfills, wastewater treatment plants, dairies and food processing plants; owned a consulting firm to develop and support innovative renewable energy systems for startups using bioenergy, geothermal, solar and wind resources; and consulted on innovative bioenergy and other renewable energy technologies for industrial clients as well as federal and state R&D programs.

Mr. Wiltsee’s early experience in energy research and development included managing technology demonstration programs at the Electric Power Research Institute and leading a national working group of senior executives from electric utilities and coal producers that obtained legislation and appropriations for creation of the US Clean Coal Technology Program; directing a large research center in North Dakota providing R&D services on clean coal and bioenergy technologies; at Booz Allen and other consulting firms, providing management and technology consulting services to energy industries and DOE R&D centers; and, at Chevron Research Company, performing chemical engineering and startup support for advanced catalytic reforming and hydrocracking technologies.

 Mr. Wiltsee received a BS in Chemical Engineering from the California Institute of Technology and an MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business.