What We Do


With more than forty years of in-depth experience in electric, gas, water, and renewable utilities, Accion Group's diverse consortium of consultants provides insightful, candid, and practical advice to the utility industry and their associated government regulatory bodies. Headquartered in Concord, New Hampshire, with consulting affiliates nationwide, Accion's specialties range from competitive procurement and utility management to construction monitoring and nuclear decommissioning.

The breadth of our consultants' personal experience, ranging from federal prosecutor, state's counsel, and counsel for utilities and energy markets to Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer, senior management for major natural gas and electric utilities, computer modeling and evaluation, and managing engineer with state public service commissions, ensures that Accion provides advice with a full appreciation of the needs of ratepayers, shareholders, and regulators.

Accion's Experience Nationwide

Accion Group's experienced team has provided consulting services to utilities and regulators in thirty-six states across the U.S. and four provinces in Canada. Our consultants have also participated in international engagements in Guam, Micronesia, the United Kingdom, Malaysia, South Africa, and Trinidad and Tobago.