Accion Group's involvement in the energy consulting industry includes significant work assisting regulators in formulating regulatory policies, and applying these policies to the "real world" in a manner that equitably balances the financial and operational integrity of utilities, and the interests of affected customers. Thanks to Accion Group's extensive experience in designing, advocating, and establishing regulatory policy, our consultants are frequently called upon by both regulated utilities and utility regulators in many jurisdictions to provide advice on regulatory strategy and compliance.


Furthermore, Accion has facilitated negotiations among diverse parties in rationalizing power supply portfolios, frequently serving as the representative to the involved regulator. Our team also designs tariffs for service to customers, on behalf of utilities and regulators. Typically, these tariffs span the full range of customer classes: industrial, commercial, government, residential, and special.

What Accion Offers

Accion Group offers the following regulation-related services:

  • Design and management of utility systems and facilities

  • Preparation of customer service agreements

  • Negotiation of service agreements, with a range of term durations

  • Preparation of rate design tariffs

  • Preparation and presentation of expert testimony

  • Support to parties in the management of regulatory proceedings

  • Negotiation of case settlements

  • Advice to regulators and their staff on complex financial, technical, and operational issues

Accion Group's consulting professionals possess established reputations for success in guiding parties to resolution of regulatory proceedings, producing results with broad support that avoid protracted and expensive litigation.