Strategic Energy Planning

Accion Group has assisted utilities across the nation to define their strategies, including restructuring strategies to compete in the deregulated market, regulatory strategies, and corporate strategies, and to effectively allocate resources to pursue defined strategies. In working with clients such as Kansas City Power & Light, BG&E, Hydro Quebec, and Unitil, Accion's consultants have assisted with issues particularly relevant to each individual utility.


Accion's Previous Strategic Energy Planning Work

With clients as geographically diverse as the Public Utilities Commission of Nevada, Green Mountain Power Corporation, Hydro Quebec, and PPL-Louisville Gas and Electric/Kentucky Power, Accion Group is well-informed on the issues facing utilities during the strategic energy planning process. For example, one of our firm's consultants previously worked with Kansas City Power & Light to incorporate a wholly-owned subsidiary, KCPL Power, as a component of corporate restructuring strategy to compete in the deregulated utility market. Additionally, Accion's consultants have worked with the Maine Public Utilities Commission, the Vermont Public Service Board, the Kentucky Public Service Commission, and the District of Columbia Public Service Commission regarding the public necessity and convenience for a multitude of 345 kV, 230 kV, 161 kV, 138 kV, 115 kV, and 69 kV facilities.

Our consultants have performed resource adequacy assessments and optimum reserve margin studies for clients in order to analyze reliability risks and recommend new optimal target reserve margins, and have also advised on regulatory strategy and power supply management issues. Furthermore, Accion Group has advised Commissions on strategic options available in the areas of power supply planning, cost mitigation, and financial management, and has advised on strategies for managing power supply portfolios.

What Accion Offers

Accion Group's experienced consultants offer advice on:

  • Strategic options available in the areas of power supply planning, cost mitigation, and financial management

  • Development of regulatory approaches to manage price volatility

  • Evaluation and negotiation of power supply contracts, focusing on reliability of supply, flexibility, and financial security

  • Strategic options for managing power supply portfolios, including for identifying market opportunities to divest non-economic assets and for developing market intelligence

  • Restructuring of payment schedules and available delivery options